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this game is short but is cool in the game say the true.

thank you! <3


Oh! Thanks for the video!

it,,seems,,my,,,screen/game..freeze when,,i,,ask,,>.<foud/.4..ending./.any/.clue..for..1..more?tnx

Different dialogues can cause different endings, I shouldn't give any clues because it kills the fun...  About the frozen screen, I will try to fix it.


hope this is a good game

perfectly executed... I liked how you can finish it quickly or take your time to find other stuff. That time with the ghost guy in hotel was good. It's just good man, this game is good...

Thanks a lot buddy. Your comments are giving me the fuel for the developing thing!

What's with this game dude? I had so much fun playing it... Always hoping to see more of your content.

I decided to change my style with this game Leprechaun... If you liked it I will be doing more, just like this one!